Gallery walls are a huge trend in the design world right now, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Besides filling up blank wall space with gorgeous images and prints, a gallery wall also allows you to make a personal statement and show off your unique style. Whether you plan to use paintings, photos or prints, these are some tips on setting up your own stylish home gallery wall.

Choosing Your Pieces

There are a few factors to think about when choosing artworks for your home gallery. Paintings are great for those with ample wall space to fill, and for collectors looking for investment pieces. However, as a painter I know that not everyone has the space or the budget for original paintings. Limited Edition Prints are great because you get the same vibrant hues and eye-catching images, but in smaller dimensions and at much more affordable price points.

Clare Haxby Art In Place Sophie Hancock

Make Your Art Pop

One of the secrets to making a stand-out gallery wall is choosing great frames for your artworks, as a these will really make your artworks pop. Pre-made frames are fine, but a custom frame shop can match the mat to the exact dimensions of your prints or photos. I like to use white mats because they don’t distract from the art. In addition, I opt for acrylic instead of glass because it is both lightweight and shatter-resistant. Read more tips on framing here.

Location, Location, Location

Most people create their gallery walls in highly visible areas like the living room or dining room, but really any room in the house can be a great place for a gallery. Make your hallway or entranceway more interesting with a horizontal gallery of fine art prints. Add a touch of style to your kitchen with an array of food-themed images. Even the restroom can be jazzed up with an eye-catching vertical gallery.


Use Light to Your Advantage

When choosing a spot to set up your home gallery, try to find a place where there is plenty of natural light to illuminate your pieces. Of course, this might not always be possible, in which case you may want to think about installing some lights. If installing ceiling lights, try to have the beam of light hitting the painting at about a 30-degree angle so that it doesn’t create shadows or a glare. Picture lamps are also a good option, as they really draw attention to each individual piece.

Use Views to Your Advantage

One neat home gallery technique is to match your artworks to the views outside. For example, if your windows look out onto a garden, you may want to use botanical prints to complement the views outside. Likewise with city skylines. In addition, you can also commission original artworks that reflect your exact views, like my clients who requested a piece that depicts their Leonie Hill view from their flat. My black and white bungalow pieces are also great reminders of how lucky I am to live in such a scenic spot.


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