This is a question that comes up quite a bit. At the Clare Haxby Studio we offer framed and unframed prints. For overseas orders, we can't ship a framed print due to their size and chance of an unfortunate accident, which with my experience of our local post, is more often than not!


First you need to find a frame. There are a few options, first you can purchase a pre-made frame (a quick google will help you find best value online framer) or you can go to your local frame shop for a custom design. If you do purchase a pre-made frame, I think it is important to get the framer to do a custom mat for you as well as set your print, as often with the pre-made frames, the mat will not fit your print. Make sure you ask for archival mat which is acid-free. I also suggest going for a white mat, purely because I don't think anything should take away from the art!

In the instance of my, they all have my stamp as well as my signature and the edition number, I suggest you don't cover these details with the mat as they add to the authenticity of the print. Just remind your framer of this when discussing how you would like the mat to fit on your print.

Tip: Black frames look good with most art and they tend to age better, white or light frames also look great but it is harder to hide wear and tear with a white frame.


This is another good question, both protect the print and have the same clarity, the difference is that Acrylic is shatter resistant and lightweight. I recently asked my framer which I should go with, and he said "Glass only if the frame is going to stay put for a very long time', but since I am living the transient expat life, I usually go with Acrylic as there is a greater chance of it being dropped in a move.


Before the frame is closed, make sure the mat is set properly with no bumps and it is cleaned of all dust and any dampness. A professional framer is also happy to do this for you.

And voila! Your print is ready to be placed on your wall!