Look at any stylishly designed home, and you’ll find that artworks are an integral key to creating ambiance and aesthetically appealing interiors. And it’s not just living room walls that benefit from an eye-catching piece of art. Hallways, bedrooms and even the bathroom can be revitalized with artworks placed in strategic places. For those who want to spruce up their spaces, these are some ways you can display fine art in every room of the house.

In the Living Room

Big oversized paintings are a great way to make a statement in a living room, and they quite often become conversational pieces. However, you can also use smaller pieces to fill up blank spaces on tables or bookshelves. Ledge type shelves are also a great place to display framed pieces, and they save you the hassle of hanging each individual artwork separately.

In The Kitchen

For most of us urbanites, kitchen windows are few and far between. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy great views. Try placing landscape paintings or photographs above the kitchen sink or along the counter walls to create the illusion of looking out into the world. If you’re thinking of going for paintings or colour prints, try to choose palettes that match up with or complement the accents in the kitchen.

Artwork In Master Bedroom
In the Master Bedroom

Set the mood in the bedroom with one large painting above the head of the bed, which creates the effect of a headboard and draws the eye in. Go serene and soothing with a floral or Buddha print, or bright and bold with a cityscape or pop-art type piece. You can also create a gallery wall behind the bed using framed photographs or a variety of smaller colourful prints.


Artwork in Children's Bedrooms

In the Kid’s Rooms

Artworks can instantly brighten up a child’s room and create a fun and inviting space that little ones will love to play in. Bright colours work well, as do animal themed prints, but really the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to choosing an artwork that will ignite young imaginations. I also love the idea of giving my children a gift that they can take with them later in life to remind them of their childhood.


artwork in the hallway

In the Hallway

Hallways are so often overlooked when it comes to artwork, but most of the time these negative spaces are the perfect showcase for fine art. If you’ve got a long hallway, you can hang paintings or photographs in a straight line to create a free-flowing path to the next room. If your hallway is smaller, try stacking artworks in a vertical line to elongate the space.

Don't Forget The Bathroom!

Another commonly neglected spot when it comes to art, the bathroom can be made beautiful with the addition of a few lovely pieces. Try positioning framed prints on either side of the mirror, or flanking adjoining corners with long pieces. Themes also work well in the bathroom like seascapes or botanical prints.