If you are looking for a unique and special piece of art?  

I am happy to discuss opportunities to create bespoke art commissions to your specific requirement.
Below are a few examples of commissions I have created for clients. 
Please contact me for more information.

To learn more, read my Guide to Commissioning Original Artwork. Alternatively, you can find more information on Art Licensing HERE.



My series of the Tropical Ginger Lilies has received a lot of love and attention.  I have just finished working on a commissioned painting of a Ginger Lily and I am delighted with the results. My client had seen my paintings at my solo show in Singapore and wanted something on a smaller scale for her Singapore apartment. 

Ginger Lily Commission by Clare Haxby


I recently finished a commission for a TV producer living in Katong.  My client asked me to paint her single level Black  & White bungalow surrounded by Banana plants and Bouganvillea. This Black & White bungalow is the perfect example of Singapore's Colonial Architecture.

" I absolutely love the painting of my charming house, I now feel I have preserved all of the happy memories of life in this house in Singapore." - Fotini, Client. 

Black & White Bungalow Commission By Clare Haxby


I created this painting for Paul and Sarah, they had lived in Singapore for several years and had their gorgeous twins here. Paul commissioned this painting as an anniversary gift for Sarah and as something for them both to remember their very personal view of Singapore as they were due to relocate back to South Carolina in the USA.

Paul and Sarah had a gorgeous apartment on Leonie Hill and their view looked over many other modern buildings of Singapore with the light show from Marina Bay Sands visible over the top. Though not a tourist view of Singapore this was their own view of Singapore, seen from their balcony at night over a glass of wine.

"After we left, Sarah and I went and had a drink to reflect on our new piece of work. I wanted to send you a note and reiterate that we absolutely love what you have created for us. Thank you so much for capturing our little piece of Singapore that we will now have with us always. The colours, texture and detail are phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.We are so happy to have that as a centre piece for our future beach home - Paul, Client  

View from Leonie Hill by Clare Haxby


This artwork was commissioned by Kim Pearce. Kim is an amazing reiki healer and co-founder of www.thepossibilityproject.com.au a Sydney based social justice program that creates amazing collaborative and creative projects with I-India and other organisations.
Kim connected to this piece of English gardens and garden birds, having spent time in the UK when her children were young.  I created this artwork using motifs from visits to my grandmothers house in Yorkshire, where sweet peas grew in the garden under the yellow wooden nesting box and where Blue tits would nest and fly in and out to feed their young. 
Have You Put the Nuts Out Yet Sweet Pea By Clare Haxby