Kate Saynor Art Testimonial Clare Haxby

I am delighted to receive this testimonial from my client Kate Saynor who purchased one of my Black and White house prints as it is similar to the home she lives in at Adam Park! It is so nice to receive these stories from clients on my work! Thank-you Kate!


"Hi Clare,  We were lucky enough to see your original paintings at the American club and in fact, I bought a print of the black and White House!  It was a Valentine gift for Richard as we live in Adam Park and the print could so easily have been our home!
The Raffles hotel purchase is for our friends The Wards joint " big birthday ".  As a group of friends, we decided to buy one large gift rather than the usual array of candles etc that inevitably happens if everyone buys something separately ...
I wanted a gift that reflected where they were for their celebrations and also relevant to both husband and wife! 
So .. What could be more iconic than Raffles hotel as a memory and representation of Singapore! Thank you!"
                                                                                                          - Kate Saynor