American Expat Jennifer has been one of my greatest supporters since I launched my prints and The Fullerton Hotel in 2013.  Thank you, Jennifer for sharing this testimonial!


Jennifer Shacklett testimonial Clare Haxby

Where did you find out about Clare Haxby's work?

I stumbled upon Clare's work at the Fullerton Hotel Exhibit one afternoon after I finished lunch at the Town Restaurant.


What Landmark or place in Singapore has significance for you?

Each landmark is unique and special in its own right and I enjoy learning about the history and architectural design of each place.  If I had to pick one, it would be the Raffles Hotel as my father-in-law has been travelling to Singapore and staying there for over 30 years.  He has seen a lot of changes and we have heard so many stories about it.

Having purchased some of Clare's work - can you share why you selected your particular pieces and what appeals to you about Clare's work?

I wanted a series of vibrant prints that I could not only use to brighten up my rented condo but also pieces that I could bring back to the US that would remind our family of all our experiences here in Singapore.

Where have you hung your pieces in your current home?

We hung our series on a large wall in our dining area where everyone can see them.  They really make the space and all of our guests comment on how much they like them.

How long have you been in Singapore and where may your Artpiece move to when and if you relocate?

We have been in Singapore 8 months and we will hang our prints in the foyer of our traditional stone farmhouse in Pennsylvania so that all our friends can ask us about our adventures.  That's the great thing about Clare's art - it's bright & colourful enough to go in a contemporary style condo yet traditional enough for our home in the US as well.  We are very happy with our purchases!