Julie and I met when she was a newbie in Singapore from Sydney and came on one of Geraldene Lowes Black and White House tours. We have become great friends and support each others art journey; no one can understand like another artist and Julie always has great wisdom to share. 

Julie is a truly gifted painter and is working on some incredible paintings of Perenakan influence, the decorative style of the Straits Chinese in Singapore. We often meet for a coffee in the up and coming trendy neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru where Julie lives or for a glass of wine at the uber cool W hotel at Sentosa cove with our other partner in crime Natalie who could be an agent for us artists or probably a rock star! Life would be so dull without girlfriends!|

From fellow artist  : Julie Williams

Having lived in Singapore for two years, one of my favourite places to sketch is Emerald Hill. When I saw Clare's painting 'Emerald Hill 'I knew that I would love to own it. There it was laid out before me, the beautiful greens of the shophouses and local foliage, the tight composition reflecting the houses, built side by side in the gorgeous street that is iconic in Singapore. Clare is a very good painter but she also produces beautiful limited edition prints of her work on Singapore's Landmarks

You can check out Julie's work at www.artchi.sg.com