Little India by Clare Haxby

Cristina is an entrepreneur and founder of C&S Art Prints and wrote to me after my exhibition 'Postcard from Singapore' was installed at The American Club of Singapore in January 2015...

'I'm at the American Club looking at your amazing artwork. It looks absolutely stunning!!
In all honestly - in our 8 years as members I've never seen a better installation
I absolutely LOVE your work!'

- Cristina, USA and Singapore

Clare Haxby Singapore Landmark Exhibition

I am a big admirer of Cristina's Memory boards and I wanted to buy one for my husband when we left Singapore to mark our amazing 8 years there. It was a lovely exchange of creativity, Cristina loved the print of  Little India with the multicoloured shutters of the Shophouses and vibrant life of the this neighbourhood of Singapore where spices can be bought by weight from Buffalo Road and I adore my large memory board Cristina created for me its a lasting reminder for us of so much we experienced.

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