Arty Gifts For Every Special Birthday

Many of the inquiries I get about my paintings and prints are from clients looking for the perfect birthday gift for their loved ones and friends. Artworks make great birthday gifts not only because they are eye-catching and appealing, but also because they can be personalized to the each person’s tastes and can last more than a lifetime depending on how well you care for them. If someone special you know has a birthday coming up, these are some great original artwork gift ideas.


Horse Art Print by Clare Haxby

Art Gifts for Children


A painting or print may not be the first thing most people think of when they think of a gift for a child, but in my experience children actually love art because it stimulates the imagination, brightens up any room and can be cherished for many years to come. I find that kids are drawn to pieces with bright colors and easily recognizable subjects like animals or scenes from nature. My Equestrian Collection is a big hit with little ones, as is the Animal Art Print Collection, especially the Rooster print. In fact, the original Rooster painting belongs to my son Alfie wall and he absolutely adores it!



Art Gifts for Her


During my time in Singapore I spent many days strolling through the Botanical Gardens, and the gorgeous flowers and greenery there provided me with plenty of inspiration for the pieces in my Botanical Collection, one of which was featured in British Vogue’s Centenary issue (see that piece here). Featuring vivid pink, orange and yellow hues and beautiful blossoms, these paintings and prints are the perfect gift for anyone with a taste for feminine aesthetics. And for the new mom or mom-to-be, my Motherhood Collection celebrates this memorable and momentous time in her life.



Art Gifts for Him


Out of all of my paintings, I’d have to say that the Singapore Skyline is probably has the most masculine feel, as it features bold black and blue hues and depicts the towering skyscrapers that make up the Singapore skyline at night. In fact, many of my male clients are drawn to this piece along with the other paintings and prints of famous modern and heritage landmarks in the Singapore Landmark Art Collection. These make particularly good gifts for expats in Singapore or anyone who has spent time there and developed an appreciation for the unique architectural landscape of the city.


 Art Gift For A Landmark Birthday


Landmark birthdays like a 21st, 50th or 65th call for a special gift, and an original artwork may be just the thing. For a serious art collector, a large-scale piece like the Fullerton Hotel painting will definitely make statement! This painting reflects the grand facade of the Fullerton Hotel, which was once the Singapore Post Office building. To embellish the piece and pay homage to its illustrious past I used 130 vintage stamps from the time that the hotel was still the post office. For something smaller scale but just as striking, my Buddha Art Collection features Buddha images in a variety of hues that resonate with the different chakra energy centres in the body.