GUEST BLOG POST by Lucy at Feng Shui Focus

When I visit a client’s home to do a Feng Shui consultation, I always take a good look at the pictures and paintings on their walls. Likewise, when my friends or clients move home, they often ask me where to hang their paintings in their new place. No matter what type of art you like, using your pieces of art is a very powerful way to improve your Feng Shui!

I am a big fan of Clare Haxby’s artwork and I feel very blessed and grateful that I met her before she left Singapore to move back to the UK. Clare’s colourful paintings are fabulous to use for Feng Shui!

Lucy from Feng Shui Focus

My first purchase was Clare’s Emerald Hill print because I was looking for something in green and blue for my staircase, which is in the SE part of my home. I have always loved Singapore’s historic shophouses, so when I saw Clare’s Emerald Hill print at an open day in her Singapore studio, I immediately fell in love with it. All I needed to do was tell my darling husband about it and he bought it for my birthday!

The secret about using your artwork for your Feng Shui is to use the right colours
in the right place. This is based on the “Eight Aspirations” formula of Feng Shui which explains the ancient Chinese belief that our life consists of eight areas, such as career, love and romance, relationships, knowledge and wisdom, wealth and prosperity, and so on. Each of these areas is linked with a compass sector and an element. So by using the right colours in the right areas you create balance in your home and you will then be able to enjoy all eight types of luck. Voila!


Feng Shui Focus

Let me give you an example. If you wish to enhance your career luck, the best
thing to do is to place a water feature in the North part of your home (as long as this is not a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen). However, a water feature may not always be a practical option, so hanging a picture of a water scene is the next best thing you can do. Clare’s Marina Bay Sands, the Lotus Flower Building, or the all-time favourite Singapore Skyline would be ideal here!

Singapore Skyline Framed Print By Clare Haxby

The Central Business District or the Esplanade prints are equally fabulous options to activate upward movement in your career, but if you choose these, make sure that the Merlion sprays the water into your home rather than out of your home. Water represents wealth in Feng Shui, and you would like to attract wealth into your home, don’t you?

I’m also very inspired by Clare’s Buddha collection. The two Buddha paintings in emerald green colours are fabulous for promoting good health when hung in the East sector of your home. People get so stressed in today’s hectic lifestyle, burning the candle at both ends. They need to seriously wind down and slow down when they come home, and the serenity of the Buddha, evoking feelings of calmness and tranquility, will do just that.

Clare’s “Flamingo” painting is a great example to also look at the meaning of the picture, and not just the colours. It is believed that flamingos mate for life which makes this painting ideal for your SW area or the SW of your bedroom if you would like to enhance your relationship luck. This painting can work both ways: if you are single, it can help bring you the love of your life, and if you are already in a relationship, it can help strengthen the loving bond between the two of you.

Flamingo Painting by Clare Haxby

The red and pink background colour is a real bonus here, because fire energy (represented by the colours red, pink, orange) activates the earth element of the SW sector! But now we are already moving on to another Feng Shui formula …
I could go on and on … but I think you get the idea, and I’m sure you will look at your own paintings with renewed interest and intent. I hope I have inspired you.

If you have any questions about Feng Shui or where best to place your our own artwork please feel free to contact me.

Lucy Richardson