The best way to protect your limited edition print is to get it framed. We highly suggest going to a professional framer who will fit the mat and frame to the size of your print. White mats are nice because they don’t detract from the artwork, and there is also less chance of colour seepage from dyes in the mat. We also suggest acrylic plates as opposed to glass, as acrylic is more resistant to breakage and UV light.

Avoid the Elements

Speaking of UV light, you want to be sure not to place your print in a direct line of sunlight. Natural light is fine, but direct sunlight will cause the colours in your print to fade over time. In addition, you don’t want to put your print in an area where water and humidity can seep in. This includes over radiators, under air-conditioning units, and next to showers or bathtubs. Furthermore, be careful about moving your print from a cool air-conditioned room to a warm humid room or vice versa. If you must make the move, try to gradually acclimatize the print beforehand.

Light Cleaning

It should go without saying that you should never use cleaners or wet cloths on your print. If you must clean your print, use a soft dry cloth or a light feather duster. Take your framed prints down once or twice a year and check them over thoroughly to make sure that there is no dust or humidity getting inside the frame. If you see a problem with the acrylic or glass front or the frame itself, take it to a framer to resolve as soon as possible to minimize the risk of damage.

Moving and Storage

When planning a move, wrap your framed prints in bubble wrap and pack them flat on top of one another to avoid breakage. If you have unframed prints, be sure to place a layer of non-acidic paper in between each print, and then place them in cardboard or some other type of stabilizer to prevent them from getting ripped or crumpled. If you have to store your prints for a period of time, make sure they are off the floor away from potential water leakage, and try to put them in a place with good airflow and little humidity. You can also use silica packs to combat humidity.

I hope these tips help you enjoy your Clare Haxby limited edition print for years to come!

Clare x