I was delighted to receive an email from my client Shermay of Shermay's Cooking school inquiring about a Emerald Hill Print for her Mother, Pamelia Lee. I had only recently been telling friends about Shermay's Grandmother's cookbook - The Definitive Mrs Lee's Cookbook, which she wrote when she was 67 years old! A book which Pamelia Lee, Shermay's Mom helped to edit.

Shermay is a client who I am delighted has a framed Emerald Hill print hanging on her new office wall, but I was especially excited to hear that her Mother, Pamelia was also interested in the Emerald HIll Print as her family own the powder blue shophouse in the painting!! The powder blue shophouse my favourite houses on Emerald Hill!

Pamelia kindly shared an amazing article with me which she wrote called 'Letters To A Young Public Officer' which she shares details of her work and accomplishments, (one of which was building the Changi Chapel Museum) for the Singapore Tourist Board where she was employed as a Senior Director of Product Development. It is a fascinating read. You can see the full article HERE.

If you would like to learn more about Shermay's cooking school you can find more information on her website or social media.