Every time Easter rolls around, I think about springtime, fresh starts, and the beauty of nature, and this always gives me plenty of inspiration for new paintings. If you are looking for a something that will add a bit of colour, life, and inspiration to your home or office, or a gift that will brighten up someone’s day, these are some of my favourite prints that evoke that springtime feeling.


What could possibly say springtime better than flowers? When starting my Botanicals collection, I spent many days sitting and sketching in the Ginger Garden at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens. During my time there, I was often visited by tiny red sunbirds that would flit among the blossoms. Sunbird captures one of these moments, as well as the vibrancy of the ginger lily in full bloom. Ginger lilies actually symbolize strength and pride, while the sunbird can be interpreted as a symbol of freedom.



If you are looking for a piece of art that will bring a sense of calmness and contemplation to your living or working environment, a piece from my Buddha collection might do the trick. The Buddhas were part of a ‘Meditative Art’ series exhibited in Singapore, and think the Emerald Lotus Buddha is particularly springlike for its fresh green tones and multiple lotus flowers. The Lotus Flower represents enlightenment and self acceptance, while the colour green resonates with the heart chakra where we connect with harmony and peace.


This piece was inspired by a trip my family and I took to Ubud, Bali when my son was just a baby. During that trip we stayed in a lovely bamboo house with a big garden full of chickens and roosters, and my son was fascinated with the multi-coloured rooster that would strut around the yard. In fact, to this day my son still loves roosters. Roosters are so full of life and character, and to many they are a symbol of simple countryside living. This piece would fit well in a child’s room, kitchen or country-themed living room.



This depictions of horses in motion are a celebration of the horse energy and playful spirit, which I think matches the light-hearted feeling of Easter and spring. Signature and drawn text is used on a background of bright sunflower yellow, and the kinetic linework makes this an eye-catching piece in any setting. Out of all my Equestrian pieces, I think this is the most youthful and spirited.



Easter and spring bring to mind new life and new beginnings, which is precisely the focus of my Motherhood series. Emerging Motherhood depicts pregnancy at its final stage when the baby is kicking and the mother is feeling empowered by the new life growing inside her. She feels trepidation, yet also excitement and anticipation about the gift of a new life, and her first experience of childbirth and motherhood.