Tea At Nans Tea Rose Clare Haxby

I have donated one of my mixed media paintings to SURPRISE Exhibition, a worthwhile project which raises funds for the homeless in Greece. My 18 x 24 cm painting is from my English Afternoon Tea series.

SURPRISE 8 is a campaign that mobilizes the power of art to offer help in major societal problems. Since 2009 more than 2000 artists from around the world have contributed their works to 8 exhibitions in Greece and Ecuador. The upcoming edition will take place in Athens, opening 21 September 2017, for the support of the city's homeless. 

Each edition of SURPRISE features around 300 artists. artAZ works with a broad spectrum of artists, from internationally renowned stars to fine art students - everyone is welcome to join. All artworks are small format, are offered for the same symbolic price, and are signed at the back. The artist’s identity gets revealed only after the artwork is sold, hence the "SURPRISE".

The proceeds from the artworks' sales will be donated to the Homeless Support Program of KLIMAKA NGO. KLIMAKA is a social, non-profit organization, implementing diverse successful solutions for the support of the homeless since 2001.