iIndia Summer Soiree Clare Haxby

Thank you to Gabriela Palffy who was the successful bidder for my Framed Limited Edition 'Year of The Rooster' Print at the Summer Soiree I-India Charity Evening hosted by UWC South East Asia.

"Dear Clare, Thank YOU! We really like that picture and our firstborn daughter is a Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac sign! It was a lovely evening and I am happy to own your print now. Best wishes from your old hometown of Singapore!"

iIndia Clare Haxby Rooser

The event raised an amazing $50,000 SGD to build shelter homes for India's poorest communities in Jaipur. I have so happy to have been part of the event with my Artwork.

Well done to all the organisers and to The Tippling Club for the amazing food and to comedian Johnathan Atherton!
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