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The Frangipanis Led Me to the Temple Original Painting

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In the Buddhist philosophy, the Pulmeria or Frangipani flower symbolises immortality, probably because the tree will produce new blooms even after it is uprooted.

In Laos, the Frangipani tree is considered sacred - so sacred that they are planted outside every Buddhist temple. These trees live for hundreds of years.

Clare, a British Artist, lived in Singapore for several years and her collection of Asian Botanical paintings celebrate the spirituality and vibrant nature of Asia.

In this piece Travellers Palms, Gingerlilies, Banana Plants and Palms feature alongside the artist's favourite Pink Temple in Laos.


The Frangipanis Led Me to the Temple
Acrylic & Wax Pastel on Black Canvas
150 x 120 x 5cm

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