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The COLOUR of the Ginger Garden

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I see the world through Colour especially when travelling and visiting new places. I found myself living in Singapore for a few years and I became transfixed by the COLOUR of the Gingerlilies, specifically the Torch Ginger or Etlingera Elatior to give it its botanical name. These Gingerlilies, residents of the Botanic Gardens where an area is devoted to them in The Ginger Garden inspired a fascination of these stunning and magical coral pink flowers and a whole series of paintings. The gingers are not just magnificent cone shaped flowers of the tropics but they are also used as a medicinal herb aswell as a special ingredient in Nonya, Peranankan food ; the buds of the gingerlilies used in dishes such as Assam Laksa.

The greens of the jungle foliage and the vibrant coral pink of the Torch Ginger Flower are the colours of Asia and of nature's incredible gifts, the palette of nature's colours!

30 x 40cm
Acrylic, Collage, Ink & Glaze on Handmade Linen Board using Italian Linen

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