Singapore Greetings Cards - Shophouses Collection

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Giclée Greetings Cards Pack of 6 - Blank Inside

The designs in this collection of Greetings Cards come from Clare's Singapore Landmark series, and all feature the iconic Singapore Shophouse.

Designs include:

Of all the architectural styles in Singapore, none is as distinctive as the lavishly decorated shophouses found in the city’s older neighbourhoods. Known as Chinese Baroque or Singapore Eclectic architecture, these shophouses sport a rich mix of Malay, Chinese and European architectural details, all giving a distinctive look to Singapore’s urban landscape.

Early Chinese immigrants to Singapore brought with them blueprints for their homes. The “bamboo houses” (houses with long and narrow floor plans) of Southern China evolved into the shophouses we see in Singapore now.

The shophouse was so called because merchants would set up their businesses on the first floor while reserving the upper levels for accommodation.

Over time, the richer towkays (business owners; bosses) built purely residential townhouses for themselves but still modelled it after the shophouse.

The neighbourhoods of Clarke QuayJoo Chiat/KatongChinatown, and Emerald Hill, just to name a few, boast many fine examples of the shophouses described above.

This pack of Fine Art Greetings Cards takes inspiration from these iconic Singapore buildings and is perfect for any occasion.

Pack size: 185 x 135mm

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