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Oops a Daisy Daisy Chain

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#ClareHaxbyFlowers 54 - Oops a Daisy Daisy Chain

I have been noticing the daisies on the lawn and in the parks all summer and it brought back many memories of sitting with friends for hours carefully making a slit in the stalk of one picked daisy and threading the stalk of the next one through. Hours could be lost in the flow of this childhood summer pleasure.

Reading up about the English Lawn Daisy, aka the Common Daisy or even it’s proper name of Bellis Perennis, I found out that this daisy symbolises childhood innocence and purity.

Childhood phrases ‘ups a daisy’ or ‘oops a daisy’ is a common expression when a child is in play.

The name daisy derives from the name ‘day’ - the flower, which closes at night and exposes its yellow centre in sunlight was thought of as the ‘days eye’.

Do daisies remind you of childhood?

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