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A Citrus Pair ♥ 'Flowers from the Garden' 47 & 48

£390.00 GBP

'Beautiful Flowers from the Garden' & 'Flowers from My Garden'


During my meditation I like to tap into the energy of the Flowers and having created these 2 paintings, I feel that they they are a pair - a pair that don’t want to be separated. It’s the same feeling I got when I took our 2 rescue cats from the Cats Home; they were together and had had a litter together. I said I’d take both!

I’d be so happy to see these go as a pair as I feel energetically they belong together ♥

If you feel aligned to these Clementine and Lemon background Flower Paintings and would take them as a pair I would be so happy as I feel I would have found them their forever home x

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