Rooster Art Print by Clare Haxby

I met Naomi when she visited my Artist Open house in Singapore and bought my Raffles Hotel Print for a special birthday gift, I'm delighted to hear Naomi is now living in Derbyshire close by my first art college in Chesterfield. The expat journey I had in Singapore has led to many full circle moments meeting my lovely and supportive clients back in England when they have found themselves here either temporarily or permanently. As they's a small world!

"We lived in Singapore until fairly recently and we have one of your Raffles Hotel prints. I’ve just seen the new rooster print and I think he’s gorgeous - he reminds me of the wild jungle fowl who would come and visit our own chickens every day. The roosters were endlessly confused about why our girls couldn’t head off into the Singapore jungle with them! "    
                                                                                                                      - Naomi, UK