Liberty LindyLou Testimonial Clare Haxby

I am always delighted to hear from customers, and I was thrilled to receive this testimonial from Linda Bassett (@libertylindylou) who recently purchased one of my Liberty of London Limited Edition Art Prints.

Liberty LindyLou Ed Burstell

"I have always been a Liberty girl and was so fortunate in meeting Ed Burstell for the first time in front of a Channel 4 camera. My 2 minutes of fame were aired in Episode 1 Series 2 of Liberty of London and Ed and I are now good friends.

I am always on the lookout for Liberty 'things' and when I saw Clare's beautiful interpretation of the 'Mother Ship' as I call the store, I had to have one. I would love to see the original! LL xx"
                                                                                         - Linda Bassett, Cheshire