Something amazing happened this year as I got to reconnect with my gorgeous friend from Art College. Fiona and I were at Chesterfield Art college together when we were 17-18 years old we were doing our Art Foundation Course together and I havent seen her in the last 17 years, it feels so good and like it was just last week we saw each other. Fiona has taught Textiles and Art  at Universities and Art Colleges and is an expert embroider, she is also making wigs for barristers a specialist embroiderers skill.

Fiona has a home in Todmorden with a special connection to William Holt and his horse Trigger so she chose this print of Horse Grazing during my special Charity Fundraiser for 'Rizas Fund' in March 2020 and  this print is  going to hang in 'Triggers Barn'.

"I love your equestrian series and this is a perfect present for my husband and our home and Triggers Barn, I absolutely love it. Such a great connection"

Fiona Ellel
Todmorden, England