Tribe linking arms - the protectors of the land




I'm excited to share my recent collaboration with

Survival International!


Survival International is a non-profit organisation that works in partnership with tribal peoples across the globe to protect their lives and land, with a vision for a world where these communities are respected as contemporary societies and their human rights protected.


I feel very aligned with Survival International's cause because I was very lucky to visit the Amazon rainforest and tribal villages during my Fine Art degree where I won a Stanley Picker Travel Scholarship. This took me from Venezuela down through the Amazon Basin and across Brazil for 6 weeks. It was a trip that opened my eyes to travel, indigenous cultures and the incredible gifts the rainforest offers us. I've since built up a library of paintings and designs inspired by this transformative trip. One of these is the two tribal figures linking arms I have redesigned especially for SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL



Survival International

It's so incredibly exciting that this collaboration has come to fruition with my design now featuring on aprons for sale on Survival International's shop!


I have donated the use of my New Design to Survival for their fundraising and I hope we can raise more awareness & funds!


The design is silk screen printed onto organic cotton, and features a design I created of two Yanomami Tribal figures linking arms.


This seemed like the perfect motif for Survival International as it promotes the togetherness of tribal people and their intrinsic link to the land around them.


With Christmas coming up I hope you are inspired to support this worthy cause with an apron purchase for the kitchen fanatic in your life ♥


All proceeds go towards helping to protect the lives and land of tribal peoples around the globe.



Shop the apron here ♥



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