When it comes to fine art, I know that large-scale paintings are not suitable for all of my clients. That’s why I offer limited edition prints in addition to my showcase original paintings and commissioned artworks. There are many reasons why people choose limited edition prints over paintings, not the least of which is the fact that with a limited edition print you get the same gorgeous image and hues, but in a much more accessible package. These are just a few reasons why limited edition prints are for everyone.

They Are Affordable

Let’s face it—most purchasing decisions come down to one major factor and that is almost always the price. Original artworks like paintings and sculptures can be expensive, but limited edition prints are usually much less costly than the original. And because they are limited, you know that only a certain amount are being printed, so your artwork is still unique and special. For example, my prints are hand signed and feature the Clare Haxby Studio Seal for Authenticity as well as a unique edition number, so you know you’re getting a quality piece.


Emerald Hill Print By Clare Haxby

They Are Convenient to Transport

While a painting or sculpture might have to be transported or shipped in a vehicle that has enough space to accommodate the size and weight of the piece, limited edition prints are lightweight and can be carefully rolled or placed flat with reinforcement and shipped through standard mail or courier. This cuts down on transportation costs considerably. At the Clare Haxby Studio, we ship our prints from our Surrey studio outside London, in strong cylinder tubes for safe and easy transport.



They Can Be Easily Incorporated Into Any Space

One of the great things about limited edition prints is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they can be incorporated into nearly any type of space. You may want to use one or two prints to brighten up the walls of a smaller flat or room, or choose a number of different prints and display them to fill in big blank space. I particularly like choosing a few prints in one ongoing theme to really bring together a room and create a real sense of ambiance.


Clare Haxby Black And White House Print

They Are Easy to Frame and Maintain

Because limited edition prints are much smaller than large-scale paintings and two-dimensional, framing is much easier and more affordable. In addition, with a print you can opt for an acid-free mat and UV-resistant covering to protect your piece, which means the chances of your print getting dirty or damaged are pretty slim, provided you follow a few basic care tips.

They Make For Great Gifts

Limited edition prints are the perfect gifts because they can brighten up any home and remind the recipient of a certain place, person or mood. Moreover, they are lightweight, conveniently sized, and easy to move should need be. All of the limited edition prints from the Clare Haxby Studio are wrapped in crisp white paper and carefully tied with a signature hot pink ribbon with a gift card, so you can add your own special message to the recipient. Read more about our packaging here.