Thank you to everyone who attended and supported my solo exhibition 'Postcard From Singapore' at The American Club, and for helping to make it such a great success! Now that my exhibition has completed, I will re-commence my Studio Open Days. Visit my Events Page for more details on upcoming events.


Happy new year! I'm actually a member at the AMC, so was admiring your artworks there today - it really put a smile on my face this morning when I walked in to see them! I really do love your work!
- Hester, Sassy Media Group

'I just saw your amazing work at the American Club !!! Beautiful ! Blown away !!! To see them in person was so cool!!!! Simply Amazing
- Ali ar, Sentosa, Singapore

I'm at the Club now looking at your amazing artwork. It looks absolutely stunning!!
In all honestly - in our 8 years as members I've never seen a better installation - Christina. Member, American Club Singapore

'The club looks amazing'
- Jennifer Shacklett, American Club Member

See the photos

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ClareHaxby (low-res)-01.JPGClareHaxby (low-res)-07.JPGClareHaxby (low-res)-14.JPGClareHaxby (low-res)-17.JPGClareHaxby (low-res)-12.JPGClareHaxby (low-res)-12.JPGClareHaxby (low-res)-27.JPGClareHaxby (low-res)-22.JPGClareHaxby (low-res)-20.JPGClareHaxby (low-res)-15.JPGClareHaxby (low-res)-19.JPG

Watch the video

If you were not able to attend the solo show, you can watch the video from the opening night!

Special Thanks

Thank you to The American Club of Singapore for hosting my solo exhibition.

To Littleones Photography, thank you for the beautiful photos of my Art Soiree. Very much appreciated!