By Lucy Richardson, Feng Shui Focus

Reading Clare’s blog “How to buy Art for Children” recently inspired me to pick up the subject and think about this from the Feng Shui perspective. I had already noticed the print of her Rooster painting when I visited her studio, and I loved the fact that Clare had painted that Rooster for her son.

Art for Children feng shui perspective

You see, according to Feng Shui wisdom, each animal in the Chinese zodiac has one secret friend and two allies. The secret friend of the Rooster is the Dragon, which means, all children born in the Year of the Dragon could greatly benefit from having this Rooster print in their bedroom, especially since it is such a friendly-looking rooster! Activating your children’s secret friend and allies will help them with friendship luck and make sure they will always have helpful friends by their side. I always recommend this to my clients should their children start or change school or if they are moving to a new country.

Following on from the above example, the allies of the Dragon are Rat and Monkey. To activate them, all you need to do is display the three allies together (Dragon, Rat and Monkey) or you can choose to activate the child’s secret friend instead (not his own zodiac animal) – in this example, the Rooster.

I have experienced this wonderful magic with my youngest son, who is born in the Year of the Sheep. From a very young age he had always liked horses, so he got a cuddly horse to keep in his bed, and one of his first toys was a wooden farm with lots of horses. I didn’t know then that the Horse was his secret friend. But dare I say, my youngest has turned out to be extremely sociable and he is always blessed with a lovely group of friends.

Having a beautiful picture or painting of your child’s secret friend would also tick all the other boxes Clare mentioned in her blog: It would be something that would go beyond their current bedroom décor, it would remind your son or daughter of their childhood, and at the same time it would be something they can take with them when they leave the nest, knowing and appreciating its value. After all, you still need good friends when you are an adult!

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