A fab day was had at the 19th Emirates Singapore Derby at the Singapore Turf Club where Clare exhibited her Equestrian & Race Day Collection.
Debbie Logan a racehorse owner from the Uk won one of Clare's Limited Edition Prints at the prestigious event and Clare's new collection was applauded by race goers  and bloggers in Singapore.

As a child , I was around horses, always helping in the stables and grooming and occasionally riding horses owned by my friends, I looked after a pony when I was about 10 for a family whose child had grown tired of his and how I wished that 'Greylight' could have been mine. I loved the smell of the tack and leather and found it such a pleasure to groom the horses and put out their fresh hay and clean their hooves.

As an adult my interaction with horses has been more as an observer, my brother works in the racing industry in England  and recently I have been involved in the world of horses as an observer, an onlooker,  an artist with a desire to capture the horses spirit. I have taken my own children horse riding in Malaysia when we first arrived in Asia to Riders Lodge to recapture that love of horses as a child.

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