I-India is a Jaipur based NGO, established over 20 years ago to serve communities living well below poverty line. The Possibility Project is in partnership with the vocational training and social enterprise programs of I-India. The Possibility Project is a Sidney based enterprise founded by Kim Pearce and Kath Davies. The purpose is to inspire people to see the potential in any given situation. This means facilitating individuals and groups to disrupt a mindset of limitation, and helping them to move towards a more ‘entrepreneurial’ way of thinking – where anything is possible!

Through the connection with I-India, they collaborate with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. It is through this connection that they come to understand a very powerful truth – we already have everything we need to create whatever we want, but until we have a ‘pro-found’ belief in possibility – we will limit our experiences.

Clare's collaboration with I-India began in 2010 when She met Kim Pearce who at that time was based in Singapore. Through Kim, Clare was actively involved in school fairs and fund-raising in aid of  different projects. 

In 2013 , as part of her own creative way to raise awareness and funds,  Clare held a special 3 day Exhibition at her studio where several artists including Clare donated their Artworks in a silent auction. All the proceeds from the auction ( Sgd 4.000) were sent to I-India to help them grow the infrastructure, training, skills, design and marketing of their social enterprise.

List Of Artists:

Clare Haxby, Sandra Macheroux, Sabine Palmer, Jane Walker, Alex Johnshore, Jenny Brewster, Kavita Rajput, Sam Ryva, Bhavani Sivalingam