"Love Is" was born in the early hours one morning when Keith Wright woke with an urge to write his impression of love. This led him to imagine creating a book that shared writings of love from all corners of the world, to sell the book and to give the proceeds to charity to create positive change on a global scale. This book put together the words of many people, including artwork by several artists, including myself.

I was delighted to be asked by Keith to be included in the book where the proceeds have been able to help children and young people around the world, specifically in the areas of suicide prevention and human rights issues.

As a result of Keith's invite, I focused on the theme of 'Maternal Love' and was inspired directly from my own experience of becoming a mother to each of my 3 children.

"It is a profound landmark in life the journey of pregnancy and the physical and emotional journey into motherhood, the rush of intense love when you see your newborn child, it changes you, physically emotionally and spiritually." 

My Motherhood Collection celebrate this intense journey of pregnancy birth and motherhood.