Clare Haxby Art Ohio USA

I love it when I get to see my artwork in homes around the globe!

This is my print of Emerald Hill, the heritage Shophouses of Singapore, hanging on the wall of Hazel's house in Ohio, USA. I met this gorgeous and gregarious woman when our paths collided in Singapore and we were both navigating expat life in Asia.

Clare Haxby Emerald Hill Ohio USA

"I love Clare's Art of Singapore, I visited Clare's exhibitions from the start when she exhibited at Fringe Benefits Studio at Wessex Estate and later at The Fullerton Hotel.  Clare's artwork is a fabulous reminder of our time as a family living in Singapore and travelling around Asia - many memories! " - Hazel, Ohio, USA

Hazel is now in Cleveland, Ohio and I am back in Surrey, England but we got to hook up in London this summer and next year we get to meet in Florida. I love the fact that my friends are dotted around the globe as it is a great excuse to travel and gather more inspiration. I left after 8 years in Singapore having made some great connections and friendships across the world.