kim pearce and clare haxby art in place

Original Painting:  ''Have you put the nuts out yet sweetpea' ?

I met Kim in Singapore when our children James (Kim's) and Scarlett (mine) were in the same class at school. We became friends very quickly and have shared so much, I'm only a little sad we don't live a lot closer than we do but as the universe weaves its magic there has already been many reunions with my Sydney bestie x 

Clare Haxby Kim Pearce art in place sydney australia

I had made this painting called 'Have you put the nuts out yet sweetpea?' it was inspired by visiting my Grandmother's house when I was a child, my Grandmother Kitty had a yellow bird box and we would watch the garden birds, especially the blue tits which she loved, make their nest next to the sweet peas she planted, and we picked to take home. She adored watching the English garden birds from her window, as well as growing flowers from seed in her garden.

"I bought this painting for James - as a connection to Scarlett - his best friend. For me it also connects everything that I believe has the most value on earth - grandmother energy, earth and sky energy, our childhood existence where anything is possible and of course friendship - both theirs and ours - as a reminder that we are here to play in this world.... creative play, imaginary play, it holds tremendous value and we forget this all too quickly."Kim