I met Sarah a couple of years ago when I was a new parent at my children's school.  She has one of the sunniest personalities anyone can have, she is always happy and smiling and so generous. I was inspired by her dedicated fitness routine of running up and down the steps of the Pagoda at the Chinese Gardens in Jurong. She inspired me to try to do the same, quite a feat in this Singapore heat and humidity, and though I am a long way off being as fit like my kiwi mate, I gave it a go!

Sarah is from New Zealand and lives in a stylish apartment at Keppel Bay. This happy sunny print is perfect or her! 

'It was love at first sight when I saw Clare's ginger lily series. I was instantly drawn to the vibrant colours and the tropical mood. The ginger lily is a flower that truly represents the tropics to me, so it was a "must have" print (along side her Keppel Bay print) to represent my family's time living here in tropical Singapore.'

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