'Flowers Raise Your Vibration' Art Tea Towel PREORDER - Pink Rose

£14.00 GBP

💕  'Flowers Raise Your Vibration' 💕   Art Tea Towel

This design has been adapted from my 35th #ClareHaxbyFlowers piece

I have been talking to the flowers as I pick them and tuning into their energy. Flowers make us feel good right ? They bring colour into our home and fresh flowers raise our energy, raise our vibration.

It’s such a simple thing to do but it brings such benefit.

I’ve picked a lot of little sprigs of greenery and single flowers, so much colour in the garden this Summer 🌸  💚  🌸  💕 



46 x 71cm Designer Tea Towel

100% cotton heavyweight half panama fabric, with hanging loop



Tea towels currently available for PREORDER and will be shipping in the New Year x

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